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Oil on Canvas
30" x 48"
Framed 33.75" x 51.75"
Awarded 3rd Place Fine Arts League of Cupertino Artist of the Month
Painting - Continuum

Sunrises and sunsets are such magnificent productions. The skies are painted in phenomenal colors, each one unique and wonderful. They happen countless times, but only last a half an hour. I asked God, “I can’t eat it, I can’t use it, and they’re not very practical. Why do you bother? Is it just to show off how powerful, wise and incredible you are to make us worship you?” He answered in a soft whisper, “No, my daughter, I do this for you to fill your heart with beauty and joy, to tell you how much I love you.”

Then I realized that God is not a taking God, demanding my worship. He is a giving God, offering through his creation his richness, wisdom, and beauty so that I might discover, enjoy, and grow in his love.

Keywords: sky, clouds, water, ocean, sea, seascape, waves, motion, reflections, sunset, sunrise, expansive, continuous, horizon, nature, color image, horizontal, day, vibrant color, spiritual, expressionistic, realistic, fantasy, vision, Christian, romantic, scenic, blue, yellow, pink, white, light, large, contemporary, modern

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